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Learner Success Newsletter: September 2023

Ribbon Updates

AI-Powered Write for Me (Now in Beta!): With our new ChatGPT-powered 'Write for Me' feature, Ribbon can now draft your emails to learners, including personalized progress update information. You retain complete control and can review and edit the content before it's sent. We're excited to invite you to beta test this new feature. If you're interested, simply reply to this email.

Scheduled Emails: Ever wished you could plan your communication in advance without the hassle of manual reminders? Ribbon now can schedule emails in advance. The process is as simple as composing a regular email, but now with a new "Schedule Email" button. Set it up, and watch your emails go out like clockwork, whether it's routine program reminders or essential updates.

Participate in User Research: Help us as we shape our enterprise offering! If you're a new or existing user of our free, Generative AI email writing tool, we invite you to a 30-minute feedback session. As a token of appreciation, you'll receive a $25 Amazon gift card OR have a donation made to in your name. Complete this form to get involved.

Learner Success Resources

Teaching AI Competencies - Event Recap - Last month, we invited academic leaders from traditional and innovative institutions like Auburn University, Momentum Learn and Campus share how they’re tackling teaching AI in the classroom. This recap covers some of the main points and takeaways from that conversation.

Adult Learner Onboarding Considerations - While back to school is on everyone’s mind, here are some ideas for institutions supporting non-traditional, adult / working learners that you might consider for designing your own onboarding experience.

Conversation Starters

When It Comes To AI and Advising, I'll Take Paul Bunyon And Babe The Blue Ox | Brandon Busteed Newsletter - “I'd even argue that the increased use of technology in general - and especially social media and AI - is increasing the demand for uniquely human interactions and empathy. The need for human advising is especially applicable to underserved students and working adults. They need to see people who look like them, connect with people who have similar experiences to them, and feel people who can empathize with and motivate them.” 100% agree with this perspective and why Ribbon exists.

🌱How is your team facilitating and supporting the human connection between advisors and learners?

5 Actual Use Cases of AI in Education | Transcend Newsletter - Alberto makes a good case for the evolution of AI applications in education - from the Uber era to AI tutor and now Augmenting AI. Here at Ribbon, we’re attempting to augment (aka supercharge) the true heroes in education - the student-facing support teams.

🌱Are there other use cases you are considering for leveraging AI at your institutions?


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