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Learner Success Newsletter: June 2023

Conversation Starters

The Future Belongs to Online Learners — But Only If Programs Can Help Them Succeed | EdSurge News - “The next decade could belong to the nontraditional, online learner — but only if the companies and universities that offer remote courses figure out how to ferry such students across the river of distraction and land them safely on the far shore equipped with skills and credentials.”

🌱 How are you helping your adult learners success? (Shout-out to the Learner Success Guild for coming together to tackle this as a community!)

AI-based Academic Advising Framework: A Knowledge Management Perspective | International Journal of Advanced Computer Science - This paper explores the challenges of the current advising system, particularly through the lens of knowledge management. It highlights opportunities for AI to support creating study plans, identifying high risk students, and 24/7 Q&A availability. This table does a good job of highlighting the key challenges we often hear from advisors:

Advising Challenges and It's Impact

🌱 Do you agree with the key challenges? And what AI-powered solutions have you explored to support your advisors?

Detecting the Secret Cyborgs | Wharton Prof Ethan Mollick’s Blog - A thought-provoking perspective of how organizational policies and norms might be preventing some companies from being able to scalably benefit from AI productivity gains. If this topic is of interest, be sure to sign-up for our upcoming webinar on Increasing Staff Efficiency with AI Tools.

🌱 Is your organization set up to take advantage of AI Tools or are there policies that are preventing teams from using or sharing use cases for the technologies?

Learner Success Resources

Harnessing AI in Adult Education Webinar Series - Join us this summer for a webinar series featuring insights and use cases from some of the leading practitioners at online education programs and institutions. Our first event is next Tuesday, June 27th featuring the Chief Product Officer of Flatiron School, VP of Academics and Innovation at Minerva Project and Chancellor of

Ribbon Updates

AI-powered Email Builder - We’ve been busy learning as much as we can about building with ChatGPT and other AI technologies and have started experimenting with building a few tools that we hope can be useful for Ribbon users. If you’re interested in learning more, join the waitlist!


If you're interested in learning more about how Ribbon can help your student support and retention efforts, stop by our Office Hours.


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