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The Learner Success Guild is a community for educators and operators working to improve and scale student success for adult learners. 

Why We Exist

Adults over the age of 25 represent 40% of US Higher Ed enrollments. This figure is not only growing but doesn't account for so many choosing alternatives like bootcamps, cohort-based courses and career development programs.


But supporting adult learners comes with its own unique set of challenges. 


This is the first community focused exclusively on Adult Learner student success. We  are a group of practitioners that have come together to trade ideas, share learnings and build the next-gen student success playbook for adult learners.

What You'll Get
  • Virtual meetups and curated 1:1 connections with fellow community members.

  • A Google Group forum to ask questions and share resources.

  • A monthly newsletter with member spotlights, job boards and benchmark data. 

  • Exclusive interviews and panel discussions with leading practitioners in scaling school operations and student success.

How It Works
  • After applying, we'll review your application to determine if there's a fit. Expect an email from us in 48 hours. 

  • We encourage members to stay engaged by participating in member events, forums and surveys. 

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