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Learner Success Guild

A community for educators and operators working to
improve and scale student success for adult learners. 
Join 100+ members including senior leaders at
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Why this Community?

Adults over the age of 25 represent 40% of US Higher Ed enrollments. This figure is not only growing but doesn't account for so many choosing alternatives like bootcamps, cohort-based courses and career development programs.


But supporting adult learners comes with its own unique set of challenges. Existing resources and communities are more focused on the 18-24yo residential experience.

This is the first community focused exclusively on Adult Learner student success. We are a group of practitioners that have come together to trade ideas, share learnings and build the student success playbook for adult learners.

What to Expect

  • A monthly newsletter highlighting members, job opportunities and the latest news and data 

  • Exclusive interviews and panel discussions with leading practitioners in scaling schools and student success

  • An active virtual forum for best practice sharing and support

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