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Learner Success Newsletter: July 2023

Ribbon Product Announcement

We're excited to introduce you to Ribbon’s AI-Powered Student Outreach Email Generator. It's a free tool designed specifically for student-facing staff serving adult learners. With this tool, you can bid farewell to writer's block and effortlessly compose personalized emails.

We understand the challenges faced by educators and staff who often find themselves staring at a blank page, burdened with the task of composing countless emails every day. Our goal was to provide a solution that streamlines student outreach without compromising personalization. The feedback, testing, and ideas we've received from this community have been invaluable in shaping this project.

For our paid enterprise customers, we're already working on an exciting feature called "Write for Me." Powered by ChatGPT, it will enable you to generate personalized emails filled with specific learner details to a batch of students with just one click. We believe this will further enhance your productivity and effectiveness in engaging with students.

Learn more on our blog or, better yet, give the tool a try.

We're grateful for your support and excited to keep shipping features that save you time and allow you to focus on the more personalized aspects of student support.

Learner Success Resources

Harnessing AI in Adult Education Webinar Series - Our next event in the series – Teaching AI Competencies – is happening next Wednesday, July 13th featuring the VP of Academics at Campus, CEO and founder of tech development firm Momentum Learn, and Executive Director of the Center for Enhancement of Teaching & Learning at Auburn University. This timely topic about what and how different types of institutions are approaching teaching AI is one you won’t want to miss! RSVP to get all the details and recording.


If you're interested in learning more about how Ribbon can help your student support and retention efforts, stop by our Office Hours.


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