Student Support Software
That Scales with You   

Ribbon is the first student CRM platform built for
online adult education to streamline operations and improve student retention. 

Ribbon's At-Risk Tracker

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How Ribbon Improves Student Support


Spot issues quickly to provide
timely intervention

Prevent learners from falling through the cracks. With easy to configure and easy to filter early alert markers, Ribbon focus your attention on the right set of learners so you can provide timely and targeted outreach.

Demo of Identifying At Risk Students

Streamline and automate outreach

Free your team from communication busywork. Send personalized 1:1 messages to your learners in bulk. That means more time to do you what you do best - ensuring learners have the support and resources to thrive.

Demo of Sending Bulk 1:1 Messages

One place to understand your learners

Bring siloed data together. Ribbon securely integrates with Canvas LMS, Zoom and Gmail to give you a more holistic picture of your learner. Provide support in context with shared notes and emails across your team.

Ribbon's Learner Profile

It's Easy To Get Started

  • Setup in minutes. Build your first dashboard in just a few clicks.  

  • Built on Google Sheets. Easy to use, easy to learn for you and your team.

What our customers are saying


"Ribbon gave us an easy way to identify students at risk of falling behind. I love that it works with Google Sheets.

It's a tool that required no additional training."

Anne Duong
VP, Online Instruction

"I'm so pumped about this tool. It will cut our work time in half and allow us to intervene with our students more often."

Julie Mayuex
Reach University Logo

"Ribbon makes large classes more manageable by filtering down to the subset of students so that we can be strategic about who to focus on when."

Cynthia Minakawa
Enterprise Program Director