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Learner Success Newsletter: May 2023

Conversation Starters

Panel: Skills-based hiring means higher ed needs to evolve | Inside HigherEd - “Seventy percent of the jobs listed in the United States require a bachelor’s degree. Thirty-seven percent of the workers have a bachelor’s degree, so there’s a mismatch there right off the top…More employers need to be collaborating more with colleges, with high schools, and with all the folks out there to help skill development be based specifically on jobs that are available.”

🌱 Can Higher Ed learn from bootcamps in their approach to course design (starting with the role in mind) and employer partnership (short feedback loops with employers and alums)

Comparing Physician and Artificial Intelligence Chatbot Responses to Patient Questions Posted to a Public Social Media Forum | JAMA Internal Medicine - Always helpful to look across industries and dive into the latest research. This research paper explores the question: Can an artificial intelligence chatbot assistant provide responses to patient questions that are of comparable quality and empathy to those written by physicians? The short answer: Yes.

  • “In this cross-sectional study of 195 randomly drawn patient questions from a social media forum, a team of licensed health care professionals compared physician’s and chatbot’s responses to patient’s questions asked publicly on a public social media forum. The chatbot responses were preferred over physician responses and rated significantly higher for both quality and empathy.”

🌱 Could AI-powered chatbots offer empathy, support and connection better than humans in the future!?

Learner Success Resources

Using Questions as Tool for Relationship Building - Check out this post by LSG member, Mollie Khine, on two frameworks she uses with her Flatiron School advising and coaching teams to build relationships with their online students.

Build vs. Buy Decision-Making in EdTech. Here’s our perspective after a decade doing both:

Ribbon Updates

Email Open Rates - Wondering if your students are actually reading your emails? With our new open rate analytics feature, you gain valuable insights into student engagement. Watch this short demo video to see this feature in action.


If you're interested in learning more about how Ribbon can help your student support and retention efforts, stop by our Office Hours.


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