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Learner Success Newsletter: October 2023

Ribbon Updates

Welcome, Microsoft users! - We've been primarily a Google-focused platform, but we've been listening closely to your feedback, and we're thrilled to announce that Ribbon is now fully available for Microsoft users too! This update ensures that everyone can benefit from Ribbon's 

same user-friendly, streamlined experience that has supercharged learner risk identification and timely intervention. 

Meet the Ribbon Team Online and On the Road -  The Ribbon Team will be participating in a few events and conferences in the next couple of months. Please reach out if you’ll be at any of them! 

Learner Success Resources

How to Leverage AI for Student Support - The Ribbon Education team, in collaboration with effectivEDU's Sean Dagony-Clark, shares three ways to harness AI for student support: from smart data analysis and enhancing learning through role-playing to optimizing student communication. Read this blog to get the practical steps to implement these techniques, address common queries about AI, and understand the vast potential and responsibilities in handling this powerful tool. 

Save the Date! Student Journey Mapping Workshop on Monday, Nov 13 - Discover the nuances of a student's journey with Dr. Villanueva-Russell. She'll share her compelling reasons for creating a student journey map and its transformative impact on her team. By attending this workshop, you will gain a useful template and tangible tips to get started even if you don’t have user research experience. This workshop is designed for Learner Success Guild members, but even if you’re not, reply and we can add you to the invite. 

Conversation Starters

Students Know What They’re Looking for Online. Are Colleges Delivering What They Want? | EdSurge News - “Enrollment in on-campus courses fell nearly 11 percent in the past decade... In contrast, enrollment in online courses shot up from nearly 34 percent over the 10-year period. Surveys of remote college students show that their top priorities are convenience and flexibility. After all, about 70 percent of online students work, while in the wider college population, only about 40 percent are employed.” 

🌱 With growing demand for flexible, online education and a shifting demographic of learners, how is your institution evolving to meet their needs? 

Advancing Meaningful Learning in the Age of AI | Oregon State - Leveraging Bloom’s Taxonomy, Oregon State's educational design team crafted a guide for faculty to evaluate their activities, assessments, and potential course outcomes, helping pinpoint areas for improvement to enhance future learning experiences.

🌱 How are you rethinking assessments and learning outcomes as new AI technologies are being quickly being adopted by your learners? 

How People Can Create—and Destroy—Value with Generative AI | BCG Research - When using generative AI for creative product innovation, a task involving ideation and content creation, around 90% of our participants improved their performance. When our participants used the technology for business problem solving, a capability outside this frontier, they performed 23% worse than those doing the task without GPT-4.”

🌱 As your team begins to experiment with Generative AI, have you provided guidance on what use cases the technology is best vs. not so great (yet) at? 


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