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Celebrating Incredible Women in the Learner Success Guild

Happy International Women's Day! Here at Ribbon, we'd like to highlight a handful of women we know and admire who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure learners get the outcomes they desire.

These 10 noteworthy ladies are all part of the Learner Success Guild, a community of operators and educators all working to improve outcomes for adult learners.

Cher Shedd- Former web developer turned Ops guru at The Grand World. She's on a mission to make life and work transitions and challenges a little less lonely. We could all use a Cher in our corner.

Mollie Khine - The ultimate coach, Mollie is Sr. Director of Student Success and Outcomes Flatiron School with an equally important side hustle called Convers(ate). She's found the secret to making every conversation a little more meaningful.

Ellen Sullivan - Ellen is making a big impact in digital learning at Melbourne Business School. If you're designing innovative business education, be sure to connect with Ellen!

Gianna Shepard Bruno - From Ed Pioneers to now leading student success at Springboard. Each move bringing her closer to directly serving learners.

Jessica Mitsch Homes - I've been lucky to watch Jessica take a highly local and personalized approach to program design at Momentum that brings real value to employees and employers.

Ko Kim - What a delight it has been to partner with Ko, Dean of Student Services at Reach University, as a client of Ribbon Education. She brings into every conversation an unyielding learner focus while being open to experimentation.

Mandi Ginn-Franz- She’s developed a an expertise in student success over 14+ years and I’m so excited about what she will accomplish over at ThriveDX!

Melanie Davis - As Head of Retention at Wiley University Services, Melanie has centralized the best practices across her many years of direct student services experience and developed a scalable solution for all Wiley partners .

Meredith Bryan - Software engineer turned program lead, Meredith now leads Academics at App Academy with an eye towards expanding their offering to a more diverse learner set.

Yvonne Villanueva-Russell - New to the Guild, I’m excited to learn from Yvonne, who is founding Dean of the College of Innovation and Design at Texas A&M University.

There are so many more talented people part of the Guild so if you want to meet more inspiring operators in adult education, apply to the Learner Success Guild.


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